Cuatro Patas Foto

Commercial Pet Photography in Argentina and Uruguay

Cuatro Patas Foto– or Four Paws Photo, clearly not as cool in English– is a separate endeavor of mine, started in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2010. While working a side job as an event photographer, I recognized a need for a professional pet photographer in the country, where the percentage of households with at least one pet is reportedly 80% ( We began specializing in portraits of pets and their humans– meeting people from all walks of life and having an absolutely spectacular time with a ton of great animals. Not more than six months into the venture, we began to work with local businesses in the pet industry and very quickly experienced exponential growth month over month.

After a few years of working with both private individual and commercial clients, we decided to focus our efforts entirely on commercial work. Our clients include pet clothing and accompanying human-accessory manufacturer Reyes y Reinas, bedding and toy company Arquipets, Uruguayan dog and cat food company Distribuidora Colón and Golocan, the largest pet treat company in Argentina. Another noteworthy highlight is that we won the bid for the first ever public installation of pet photographs at Expo Nuestros Perros, the largest pet industry expo in Argentina.

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Logo Cuatro Patas Foto

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