Design For Serenity

Waterwise Landscapes by Designer Laura Eubanks

What a fun project! Besides from being an extremely talented and accomplished landscape designer, Laura Eubanks is like family. What started as a contract job to update some content on her website turned into a full-scale branding and business strategy endeavor.

Starting with a new logo, brand message and an aggressive expansion of Design For Serenity’s social media, we tackled everything from pricing and supplier development to ad campaigns, a new digital video series and the design and development of a brand new website. To better understand Laura’s business and the services she provided to her customers, I even threw on some gloves and spent time doing hard labor on a handful of her landscape installations. Working with plants is a treat, even though a lot of drought tolerant specimens are sharp and spiny!

In order for the customers to have the visceral reaction of “Yes! I want this done in my yard!” I documented the landscape installations from start to finish both in photos and videos. These compelling images are ideal tools to generate new business. On one hand, potential new customers can see the exact quality and beauty of Laura’s work, while the owner of the landscape in the photos is so proud of the work that they can’t help but share the images. Nothing beats a great testimonial and word of mouth, free advertising!

Logo and Business Card design: Johanna Wolf


Logo Design For Serenity

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