One of several side projects involved with Cuatro Patas Foto was Reyes y Reinas. We partnered on the development of new products, as well as a calendar funded by Purina to raise funds for a large animal shelter located just outside the city of Buenos Aires. From fun, unique toys to photo printed shoulder bags for pet owners, collaborating with Reyes y Reinas was an honor!

Graphic Design: Maia Aziernicki

Solidarity Calendar Viva La Vida February Calendar Viva la Vida x Cuatro Patas Foto and Reyes y ReinasActitud Positiva x Reyes y Reinas
Actitud Positiva Campaign x Reyes y ReinasShoulder Bag x Cuatro Patas Foto and Reyes y Reinas Delicious Toys x Reyes y Reinas Hipster Dog Toys x Reyes y Reinas